SEQUEL is high quality professionals company. Our team consists of people who posses international, famous certificates confirming their competency. Our consultants acquired their experience leading complicated projects for big and middle size organizations, with Polish and foreign capital, from different trades; always in companies with the highest work standards.
We are specializing in providing systems designed for quality, project and knowledge management. Solutions offered by SEQUEL, first of all, are based on Lotus Notes/Domino platform and technology, which combine safety, communication, databases and is well known in companies all over the world.
Between products and services offered by SEQUEL, we can distinguish as follows:
  • analyzing client's needs,
  • advising in possibilities to choose and apply new information technologies,
  • designing information systems (Lotus Notes/Domino, Open Source)
  • integrating Lotus Notes/Domino environment with other systems and applications, currently existing at client's location, for example: SAP, Oracle, MS Office,
  • introducing systems and application programs,
  • leading professional trainings, in the field of offered solutions,
  • taking care of introducing software,
  • administrating LAN and WAN,
  • supporting in selection appropriate/optimal hardware for required software,
  • other, connected with designing, implementing and introducing services and products of modern information systems.